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Rich foundry professional techology and sales experience

      Zhongshan Weixiang Chemical Powder Co.,Ltd. mainly produces and sells special raw materials for powder coating.The products mainly include wax powder, leveling agent matting agent, powder additive and other additives.


In order to provide customers with satisfactory products and grasp the quality of product quality,we will do a variety of standard tests for each product in the company, let customers buy with peace of mind and use with peace of mind.


The company has a wealth of foundry professional technology and sales experience, we take the best quality,the best service as our business objectives, to "innovation, quality first service first” as the consistent principle of the enterprise.

corporate philosophy

Rich foundry professional techology and sales experience

Environmental protection
Technology for innovation to produce environmentally friendly products, benefit thousands of generations

Bring more value to customers with an innovative spirit

Adhere to putting quality first and taking quality as the way to survive


Providing customers with products while also providing high-quality after-sales service


Corporate values

Rich foundry professional techology and sales experience
      Pioneering and innovative: to open up the spirit of forward, to meet new challenges, not afraid; Create something new with another way of thinking.

     Quality first: adhere to the product quality as the lifeline of the enterprise, to quality as the standard of products and customers.

      Professional services: Enterprises not only produce products, but also provide professional technical services for customers, so that customers worry free is our service standard.

     Environmental protection pioneer: the responsibility of the enterprise is not only to produce good products, but also to take into account social responsibility, we are willing to be a pioneer enterprise to take the lead in environmental protection

Company History

Rich foundry professional techology and sales experience

In 2010, Weixiang Environmental Technology was officially established

In 2013, the powder testing laboratory was established to make basic configuration for the company's new product development and testing

In2014 The introduction of foreign polymer material technology and equipment, leading the industry's technological innovation

In 2015, the products were recognized by foreign customers and exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other regions

In 2016, to establish industry standards and reshape the corporate brand image


Rich foundry professional techology and sales experience
ISO 9001 Quality System certification 
6S management certification